Hi, Welcome to FruitBaskets.net.au

Thank you for stopping by FruitBaskets.net.au, we are truly grateful and appreciate that you are considering one of our premium handmade creations for your fruit gift basket.

We see each order as an honour and privilege and always strive to maintain the highest standards so you can share in a brilliant, beautiful expression of love, thanks, grace or get well.  It is no easy choice to decide to order a fruit basket, and we promise to offer you the best experience.

Hand picked, Hand packed We Do It All

Please note we do not sub-contract out your order – or pass it onto an affiliate to assemble the basket – you’ll find without exception most of the competitors do this.  It means the person who takes the order has not much to do with it and you order is packed and delivered by third parties.  We hope you will appreciate this difference too.

A bit about us…

We are a husband and wife boutique business offering handpicked fruit baskets delivered across Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong and Newcastle.  You’ll speak with us on the phone, we’ll pack your order, and we’ll ensure safe delivery to your destination – it’s all done by us here.

We started out in business back in 2007, when we were selling gourmet hampers and fruit baskets – and this business has grown organically from that.  We love the excitement and bustle of the fruit markets in the morning with all the colourful characters and personalities – and there’s something just as special about bringing a fruit basket to life.

Real Baskets – Not Boxes

We still pack all orders by hand and aim to offer a real point of difference to the competition by presenting our fruit in genuine wicker baskets. Not boxes.  Baskets just look better, last longer and present in a genuine and authentic way that is just made for sharing.  We get comments from people who love leaving their fruit basket open in the staff room for everyone to share.

We’ve noticed how all our competitors have switched to boxes and we are the only ones still staying loyal to the traditional, timeless method of fruit in a basket.  Baskets breathe and absorb shock better than any box or artificial packing filler – it’s just science.  We hope you’ll agree.

Fruit travels so much better in baskets – we noticed that boxes just squash everything together. We hope you’ll appreciate the difference too.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and we hope we can offer you a lovely, generous fruit basket to share!


Kacy and Brendan